Irish Restaurant Making Waves In New Zealand

An Irish bar and restaurant in New Zealand has attracted the attention and appreciation of both locals and tourists. Hennessy’s Irish Bar has been making heads turn for offering diners with exceptional food, tasty brews, service with a smile, and a bit of Irish charm.

According to, for the last 13 years, Hennessy’s has been a favourite amongst foreign and local diners. Located in the heart of Rotorua, the bar and restaurant boasts of a beautiful interior that has been designed in true Irish tradition. Many of the Hennessy’s customers will definitely agree that stepping into the restaurant is like being transported to the streets of Dublin.

One of the best things about Hennessy’s is that it has something for everyone. It has spacious booths for groups, cosy tables that offer privacy to couples, and an outdoor dining area. It also has private function rooms for corporate and social groups.

The restaurant is also the place to be during any major sporting event. It has several flat screen TVs for fans who want to watch football, rugby, and basketball games while dining out with friends. And when there are no sporting events, Hennessy’s hosts weekly live music and quiz nights to keep everyone entertained.

Of course, Hennessy’s offers some of the best gastronomic delights in town. Otherwise, people won’t be coming in to the restaurant no matter how cosy the place may be. The restaurant offers a generous serving of hearty pub favourites that include lamb shanks, bangers and mash, steaks, burgers and sandwiches, and other classic Irish dishes. Don’t like meat? Don’t worry because Hennessy’s also has several vegetarian options. There are also meals that are intended for kids so they won’t feel left out.

But if there’s one type of food that you must try at Hennessy’s, it’s got to be their famous Bailey’s Irish Cheesecake. Velvety, smooth, and creamy, it is definitely one of the best in town.

When it comes to drinks, Hennessy’s also has also a little bit of everything. It offers a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that range from lemonades and fruit juices to the bar’s many wines and beers.

As for the cost of the food and beverages, many customers find Hennessy’s offerings very affordable. Prices range from $5.50 for garlic bread to $32.90 for the large seafood basket. With the restaurant’s generous servings of tasty culinary delight, dining at Hennessy’s will definitely give you excellent value for your money.