Moving From Ireland To New Zealand: Discovering The Kiwi Lifestyle

Moving to New Zealand? If you are, you might want to familiarise yourself with the local norms, lifestyle, and culture so you won’t commit a social faux pas that will irk the Kiwis or New Zealanders. It is also a good idea to determine how you will be able to entertain yourself to ensure that your stay in this beautiful country will be a fun and exciting one. Here are some things you need to know about the Kiwi lifestyle.


The Kiwis love sports and they are known globally for their great sporting achievements. If you’re an avid sports fan, you won’t definitely feel out place amongst the locals. In the pubs around New Zealand, rugby union and rugby league, as well as cricket, netball, America’s cup sailing and soccer feature highly in the conversation.  Every weekend, especially when there’s a major sporting event going on, thousands of people troop the various stadiums and sports fields around the country to watch the games live. The Kiwis are great sportsmen and women, as well. They are extremely passionate about the outdoors and many of them excel in different kinds of sporting activities.

When you move to New Zealand, one way to make new friends is to share with others your passion for sports. Join a sporting team or club so you can quickly build your social circle.


Most Irish people don’t usually have major problems fitting in after moving from Ireland to New Zealand because there are a lot of similarities between the cultures of the two countries. While the British and European settlers greatly influenced the Kiwi culture, however, Maori and Polynesian influences are also quite visible in the art, music, and daily life of New Zealanders. But since NZ is a relatively young country, many Irish emigrants might find it easy to adapt to the local way of life.


If there’s one thing that the Irish and Kiwis have in common, it has got to be the way their social lives seem to revolve around the local pub, sports field, and family. Bars and pubs often serve as the social centres of many communities, with live music and good food drawing many people together.

Aside from frequenting the local pub, the Kiwis also love outdoor BBQ parties and the “morning tea.” During summer, it is very common for people to eat Al Fresco. Having mates over for a “barbie” and some beers is also a typical weekend activity for many New Zealanders.