Natalia Kills Breaks Silence Over X Factor Firing

After being sent to the chopping board for criticising a contestant on a hit talent show, Natalia Kills broke her silence and spoke about the incident that got her fired from New Zealand’s X Factor.

In an interview with MTV Australia, Kills said there was really nothing to it. “I feel like everyone needs to put the idea of it being a manufactured conspiracy theory behind them, there’s really nothing to it,” the 28-year-old English singer and actress was quoted as saying.

She also took the opportunity to thank her fans, who have stood behind her amidst the controversy. “There are many sides to this story and I am not about to get an entire industry in trouble that has been going on for years and years entertaining the masses, so thank you absolutely everyone for your support,” Kills continued. “Thank you to my husband. I would like to wish Joe Irvine and my boys category all the best on the show.”

Kills’ got the ire of the online community after her critique of contestant Joe Irvine’s performance on March 15 went viral. In her comments, she called Irvine a doppelganger of her husband and fellow judge, Willy Moon. She said she was disgusted by how much Irvine copied Moon. “Do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughingstock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting,” she had said.

Moon also threw in a comment of his own, saying that Irvine’s performance was “a little bit cheap and absurd.”

Viewers and celebrities alike were not too happy with Kills’ tirade. Some believe that her comment were too personal and had nothing to do with Irvine’s performance. Others, meanwhile, reached out personally to Irvine to offer support, like the Grammy-winning artist Lorde, who sent him cupcakes.

After the episode aired, Stevi-Rae Ofanoa created a petition on to convince X Factor executives to remove Kills from the show. The petition, which is now closed, received 77,528 supporters. MediaWorks, the broadcaster that airs X Factor, was quick to respond to the petition.

Chief executive Mark Weldon announced Kills and Moon’s departure from the show on Monday. In a statement to New Zealand’s The Hits, he said, having put all of their effort into the competition, contestants should be given feedback and criticism that is professional and constructive. He added that the broadcaster no longer feels that Kills and Moon are suited for the role of X Factor judges.