What You Need To Know About Moving To New Zealand

With its temperate climate, lush green scenery, and lower cost of living, it isn’t any wonder why many people are choosing to migrate to New Zealand. While the country may not lure as many Irish people as Australia, New Zealand is definitely high on the list of places to find greener pastures for Irish emigrants.

According to reports, Ireland is one of the countries being targeted by the New Zealand government to fill acute skills shortages. Industries ranging from construction and hospitality to health care and information technology are in need of skilled workers. Because of this, plus New Zealand’s stable economy and low unemployment rate, more and more Irish people are recognising the opportunities being offered by NZ. As a matter of fact, almost 5,000 Irish people were granted work visas from June 2013 to June 2014.

If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand either to work or to live their permanently, it is very important to do some research before packing your bags and flying halfway across the globe. Here are some of the main points you should consider before moving to New Zealand.

Visa options

You must determine what visa options available for you are. Some of the most popular visa types for Irish workers are working holiday visa, options for longer stay, employer and state sponsorship, permanent residency, and citizenship.

Finding a place to live

Because you’ll be staying a long time in New Zealand, you will need to find a new place that you can call home. Start looking at NZ’s property market and short-term accommodation options. You should also determine the average cost of renting and buying a home in each of the main cities.

Which city?

If you want to feel at home, find out which city has the biggest Irish population. But no matter which city you choose, you must consider what the place offers in terms of jobs and lifestyle.

Finding a job

It is important to know what your career prospects are when you move to New Zealand, so you must start looking at the country’s job market, identifying the skills that are currently in demand there, and seeking advice on how to find a job in NZ.

Health and Education

If you’re bringing along your family, health and education are also important matters you should research on before flying to New Zealand. Find out who is entitled to public health care and how you can get insurance for yourself and your family. As for education, do a research on how the education system is run and the average cost of sending a child to school.