New Zealand Wants Irish Carpenters, Plumbers, & Mechanics

Do you have plans to work overseas so you can better provide for the needs of your family? If you do, then New Zealand might be the place for you. According to reports, New Zealand is looking for more skilled Irish workers to fill job vacancies in the country’s construction industry. Migration specialist VisaFirst revealed that there are numerous job opportunities waiting for Irish scaffolders, carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics in New Zealand this 2015.

Over the last few years, Irish workers have made a reputation for themselves for being diligent and hard working. These, among other qualities, are what made the Irish quite popular among New Zealand employers. As a matter of fact, Statistics New Zealand described bricklayers and carpenters from Ireland and elsewhere as “indispensable and highly sought after.”

According to VisaFirst, almost 20,000 Irish citizens have moved to New Zealand in the last five years. With a huge demand for skilled Irish workers this 2015, it is very likely that the number will continue to increase further.

“Since 2011 approximately 18,000 Irish workers have travelled to New Zealand for work and, with 4,000 to 5,000 people expected to leave this year, the total number of the last five years will surpass 20,000,” said Edwina Shanahan, manager at VisaFirst.

To take advantage of this golden opportunity, Irish applicants are encouraged to apply for a working holiday visa. They can also apply for a work permit visa, but they must secure a job offer from an employer in New Zealand first.

Meanwhile, Canada is also offering jobs to skilled Irish workers. According to VisaFirst, with the opening of Canada’s Working Holiday Visa programme in the coming weeks, there are up to 10,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled by Irish residents in 2015. However, interested applicants are encouraged to make the necessary preparations as soon as possible because these job vacations are expected to be filled immediately.

“We believe this year’s visas will be akin to Frozen dolls at Christmas – and I think most people will understand the buying frenzy that occurred around these,” said Shanahan.

Whether they are applying for a job in New Zealand or Canada, it is very important that applicants act quickly to avoid missing this opportunity. They are also encouraged them to get advice from migration specialists so they can easily identify the best options available to them and the steps they should take to make the application process a less stressful experience.